Yoga, for me, is a journey.  I have always worked out…a lot.   Running, spin classes, swimming, Zumba, and strength training.  Over time, I began to notice loss of overall flexibility as well as tightness in my hips and shoulders.  I had heard that yoga was good for runners but had doubts I’d get in a “real” workout.  In my first yoga class, I felt like I was the worst student in the room.  I didn’t know the names of poses, I couldn’t bend, twist and fold well…and downward facing dog pose was so tough!  Instead of being defeated, I was determined to keep practicing and improve.  It didn’t take long for me to enjoy this time on the mat to connect with my breath, improve flexibility, and even get upside down.  I came to look forward to yoga classes and connected with many of my instructors.

My move to Colorado gave me the opportunity to rip the bandaid off and resign from a teaching position that I loved but couldn’t take with me.  I saw this as an opportunity to try out some new things.  I now had the time to teach cycling classes.  This led me to other group fitness opportunities; cycle-fusion classes that include 30 minutes on the bike and 30 minutes or core work, strength training, or yoga.  All of this then further pushed me to embark on the 200-hour yoga teacher training.  To be honest, teaching yoga had never really crossed my mind before.  I loved practicing but teaching it seemed so complex!  I figured that even if I didn’t end up teaching yoga, the training would help me to have a better understanding of the physical body and improve my own practice.  Throughout my training I learned so much and discovered that I LOVE to teach yoga.

Yoga is not something that can ever truly be mastered.  The focus may be strength, balance, flexibility…or something deeper beneath the surface of the physical body.  My goal as a yoga teacher is that my students make progress and evolve in their practice.  What does that look like?  Well, that is what makes yoga so special.  It is different for everyone and I’m not convinced it can be defined.  I believe that EVERYONE can benefit from yoga.  Meet me on the mat and let’s get started!

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