Katie Oliver
“What do I love about Yoga with Julie Ulmen? EVERYTHING! I am a former college athlete and yoga lover. I have experienced many teachers around the Denver/Metro Area and by far, Julie Ulmen is my favorite teacher. Julie is a wonderful yoga instructor that has created an amazing community of yogis. I love experiencing the friendliness, warmth and acceptance that Julie offers during every class. Her experience ranges from beginners to advanced practitioners. Julie not only brings a spiritual side to her practice but she also incorporates challenging poses that stimulate every muscle of the body. If you have a personal body challenge, Julie is awesome at treating it respectfully and sensitively. She gives cues that allow you to go deeper into each pose and can help you find a greater level of relaxation. The extra bonus about taking a class with Julie is her love for essential oils. She always has a wonderful blend diffusing during class! Julie is great all-around performance teacher and if you get a chance to take one of her classes, DO IT!”
-Katie Oliver


Allie Barreiro
“I started practicing yoga with Julie when she was towards the end of her yoga
teacher training. I have not met a teacher who is more dedicated to the practice of, well, practice. Julie is meant to be a teacher.. from her history as math teacher to her position as a fitness instructor, she puts time and work into her craft and has an inherent and deliberate way of leading her students towards their best selves. Julie is constantly coming up with new ways to create space in the bodies and minds of her clients. The addition of oils to her practice has really elevated the experience of learning from her…I have found that I can push myself further both physically and mentally, knowing that Julie will be there with prolific words and soothing aromatherapy. With Julie’s guidance, essential oils and yoga have become a crucial centerpiece of my life, and I am blessed to call her both a friend and a role model in my life.
– Allie Barreiro


Rachael Riddell
“Julie’s yoga and essential oils classes are some of my favorite in Denver! From studio to rooftop practice, Julie beautifully integrates body movement, music, and oils to enhance her practice. Her warm personality and exceptional knowledge of yoga and oils leaves you feeling rejuvenated and inspired after each class.”
-Rachael Riddell