Telluride Yoga + Hiking Retreat: Yogi Magee

Hiking, yoga, and TELLURIDE…yes please!  I heard about a retreat that includes all of these amazing things.  I watched it sell out quickly last summer and put my deposit down as soon as June 2017 opened.  It of course sold out within 24 hours.  I have never done a retreat and went in without too many expectations.  I know Natalie of Yogi Magee Retreats from QiFlow where we both teach yoga and cycling.  She’s amazing and probably the most adventurous person I know so I figured my time in Telluride would also be amazing.

Telluride is quite the drive from Denver…over 300 miles via 285 or I-70.  The road trip is so worth it.  The town of Telluride, nestles in a canyon surrounded by 13,000 foot peaks and Rocky Mountain spirit.  At an elevation of 8,750 feet, Telluride, Colorado is truly a unique place.  The Telluride region, nestled high in Southwest Colorado’s San Juan Mountains, is a playground in every season. Hiking, biking, jeeping trails, skiing, and snowboarding are a means to explore the region through all seasons of the year.  

Twenty-three women met Natalie and her assistant Casey in Telluride.  We bonded, laughed, adventured, and took a million pictures.  Each morning, the group gathered in the main cabin and walked to the gondola for a ride all the way up to the top.  Yoga was practiced outdoors with a 360-degree backdrop of the San Juan Mountains.  Taking time to meditate and reflect, practice asanas, and notice our breath in this yoga “studio” is exhilarating.  After our practice we enjoyed breakfast and coffee as when prepared for the days adventure…hiking, SUPing on Trout lake, or exploring the town.  Evening yoga provided time to reflect on our day and watch the sun start to fall behind the mountains.

The biggest adventure was hiking the Via Ferrata.  I actually went into this epic hike knowing little about it.  We hired guides, wore harnesses, and took a super bumpy jeep ride up to the trailhead next to Bridal Veil Falls.  The path is more of an “iron road” than runs along the exposed mountainside.  High above the town of Telluride with only cable and iron rungs to navigate, this is quite the adventurous hike!  The “Main Event” on the Via Ferrata – a 300-foot stretch of metal ladder rungs scrawled across the rock face.  Don’t look down…the drop off is over 400 feet below!  I still can’t believe I did this.  It is so worth the trust you find in yourself, the connection built with your team, and the views of the surrounding mountains, Bridal Veil Falls, and Telluride.  

A dharma that stuck with me…with every adventure, leave something behind that you no longer need. Take with you something that perhaps you didn’t even realize renews your spirit.  Move forward and on to the next great adventure!


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