Aerial Yoga and Balancing Oils Workshop

Atherial aerial yoga in Denver, Colorado
Have you been wanting to try aerial yoga!? I'll be at Atherial Studio on Sunday, February 24th and will be incorporating essential oils into coach-Reba Lauth Malandra’s class! Reba will guide you through this alignment-based Aerial Basics class while I will assist by incorporating aromatherapy! Class will end with a guided meditation during Air Savasana. The class will go through the different emotions we all feel and you'll learn how you can use aromatherapy to support emotional health.  ...

Telluride Yoga + Hiking Retreat: Yogi Magee

Hiking, yoga, and TELLURIDE…yes please!  I heard about a retreat that includes all of these amazing things.  I watched it sell out quickly last summer and put my deposit down as soon as June 2017 opened.  It of course sold out within 24 hours.  I have never done a retreat and went in without too many expectations.  I know Natalie of Yogi Magee Retreats from QiFlow where we both teach yoga and cycling.  She’s amazing and probably the most adventurous person I know so...